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Selecting Professional Advisors


Having your own business obviously entails a multitude of decisions; decisions which can seem overwhelming without the right players on your team.  In order to succeed you need to equip yourself with every tool at your disposal.

One of the most cost-effective tools you can utilize is the expertise of a specialist.  The right accountant can eliminate a host of problems and potentially costly errors you might make as you build the financial foundation of your successful business.

When enlisting the expertise of an accountant, you want a specialist suited to meet your specific needs.  You want someone who will listen to you.  More importantly, you need someone you can and will listen to as they help devise strategies for you to succeed.

The most important factors for choosing an accountant are:

  • Knowledge - They must have training and experience and must keep up on the constant changes.

  • Communication - They must be able to communicate with you effectively so you understand the basic tax and business implications regarding the decisions you make.

  • Price - Our prices are lower than the larger more aggressive firms and price is always a factor in business but it is definitely the third factor compared to knowledge and communication.

You want to succeed - and you can.  By taking the time to make key decisions and enlisting the right players on your team - you will succeed!

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