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Free Offers For Central Alberta Businesses

  • Our first consultation appointment is free and many people come in with a full list of questions and concerns.  In the appointment we will deal with all of them, plus make sure you understand the basics of tax and accounting.

  • As a local accounting firm, we feel it is important to always try and address the questions and concerns of our clients.  In doing so, we have designed a guide to better assist them with some of their more common accounting, tax and financial concerns:

  • Problems understanding GST

  • Differences between sole proprietorship, parternships and corporations

  • Income taxes

  • How to organize and complete bookkeeping with control and accuracy

  • Calculating payroll deductions and remittances

  • Cash planning and forecasting

These are just a few of the topics we have touched on in our guide entitled, "Helping You Take Control of Your Business."

If you would like to attend a first consultation appoinment free of charge, or are interested in receiving a copy of our guide (or both), please email us or call the office at (403)342-1101 and we will be happy to help you.

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